Arcada U-value meter and real estate energy


Applications and Case studies


• Energy renovation planning and creation of upgrading roadmaps
• Quality check of renovated/new constructions
• Data for comfort optimization (thermal asymmetry)
• Eliminating risks for mold (combination of surface temperatures and air humidity)

Case study – 1989 built single family house in Espoo

Heating demand reduced by 35% (from 80 kWh/m2 – 50kWh/m2)
Changes made: Attic insulation increased, Ventilation modernized, Programmable floor thermostats installed, Doors renewed, Radiator heat reflectors installed, Section of wall insulated

Case study – Early 1900 apartment in Berlin

Energy diagnosis conducted – Possibility to reduce thermal conduction by 50%
Double paned windows covered 40% of the wall area. Upgrading the windows to vaccuum glazed would reduce thermal conduction by 50%

Case study – Early 1900 single family house in Porvoo

Energy diagnosis conducted
Heating demand calculated using table values: 30 000 kWh/y
Heating demand calculated using element composition: 10 000 kWh/y
Heating demand calculated using measured U-values: 20 000 kWh/y
True heating demand: 20 000 kWh/y