Arcada U-value meter and real estate energy

The first commercial customer for our rapid U-value metering services: German plaster material manufacturer offering materials with amazing insulation performance due to the incorporated aerogel

September 19, 2017

Aerogel means in this case sand particles full of voids of air. By combining this material with suitable binders the mixture can be applied like normal plaster except the lightness of it- density around 0.3 kg/dm3 allows much thicker layers than normal as single coating. Upon drying the lambda value is less than of EPS.

A pioneering company from Germany with the most advanced and sustainable materials for plasters –from the PROCERAM Group with their CERABRAN® Insulation materials – purchased measurement services from Arcada for quality control of some extensive façade areas of residential buildings located in Berlin. Both parties find most natural and beneficial to collaborate, as new alternatives are required to combat climate change and to match with stringent demands for refurbishments and retrofitting. By combining our unique materials and measurements, the real estate owner can save money, time and be sure about the outcome in terms of insulation performance.

Our collaboration is most fruitful as we are creating fully new services to real estate owners. However, both parties act strictly independently as one party is supplying the plaster and the other one is acting as the supervising party for quality.

We have recently agreed on significant extension of collaboration and associated both to planning of coming retrofitting objects and quality control of some already completed ones. Both parties are keen on gentle but most modern healing of aging buildings and thus allowing them to face future challenges created by the ongoing climate change.

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