The EU-funded Interreg Central Baltic NURED project, 2016-2019, aims to improve the education of Home Care Nurses (HCN) in the Central Baltic region (“nurse” + “education” + “development” = “NURED”), by developing two new curricula for HCN education.

The challenges faced in home care nursing are very similar in the Central Baltic countries involved in this project (Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia). These aforementioned challenges include the demographic challenge of large elderly age-groups, the constantly increasing need of home care services as well as challenges in recruitment to home care. The two new curricula will aim at giving future home care nurses better tools to tackle the challenges.

In spring 2017, a survey was sent out to home care staff regarding their education and work. The development of the new curricula will be carried out by improving existing curricula based on the survey results, in order to better prepare home care nurse students for the demands of elderly care and the care of people with intellectual disabilities, as well as teamwork and collaboration within home care staff. The new curricula will especially focus on the incorporation of ICT solutions and skills, e-learning/distance learning and the inclusion of stress and time management skills, psychosocial work as well as ergonomics. Furthermore, the NURED project hopes to increase satisfaction towards both education and work, as well as to highlight the value of self-directed learning and lifelong learning.

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Lead partner: Arcada University of Applied Sciences
Development priority: Skilled and socially inclusive region


Field of Research

Health and Welfare

Head of research

Jukka Surakka

+358 40 528 0404


Project duration

42 months, 1.9.2016-29.2.2020


Interreg Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020, Regional Council of Southwest Finland


Tallinn Health Care College, Estonia

Riga Stradins University, Latvia

Mälardalen University, Sweden